/General Surgery

Spayed a Skunk


In the United States if you want to own wildlife you must register and obtain a federal permit. The law also requires that [...]

Spay hamster at 30g


Diana brought in her female hamster, Nibbles, because there she discovered that there was blood in Nibbles' urine. We first thought that the [...]

C-Section on Turtle


Martin called GSVH when he was concerned that his female turtle, Sandy, wasn't laying eggs. We asked 'how do you know she has [...]

Bulldog C-Section


Emily is an English Bulldog who had a difficult time naturally mating. Her owner, Sam, was a son of a breeder and decided [...]

Tiki the Dog Swallowed 62 Hair Bands, Eight Pairs of Undies and Four Rubberbands


MARS, Pa. —Tiki is a black Labrador retriever with a remarkable appetite and unusual tastes. Her vet, Dr. Hisham Ibrahim, of Good Shepherd's [...]

Baby Bunny with Broken Pelvis


GSVH has done a number of rabbit surgeries including repairing a broken pelvis. This bunny, Thumper, was brought in by her owner, Lisa, [...]

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