/Soft Tissue Surgery

Reconstructive surgery on snake’s face


Anthony's pet snake, Bernard, wasn't feeling well one day so Anthony fed him a rat. Unfortunately the rat attacked Bernard instead of the [...]

Hook from North Park


Dog North Park GSVH is available to anyone for an emergency during business hours. This came in handy when Jane called us from [...]

Bird Beak Reconstruction

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Squaker, was born (is this correct? Or how did it happen?) with a peak deformity. The upper beak (rhinotheca) had a deformity at [...]

Kidney Transplant in Cat


Susan’s three-year old cat Lucky was having kidney issues. His kidneys weren’t performing well which is also known as Kidney Insufficiency. Susan brought [...]

Tiki the Dog Swallowed 62 Hair Bands, Eight Pairs of Undies and Four Rubberbands


MARS, Pa. —Tiki is a black Labrador retriever with a remarkable appetite and unusual tastes. Her vet, Dr. Hisham Ibrahim, of Good Shepherd's [...]

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