Oral health is a large part of your pet’s overall health.

Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital provides a range of dentistry services for your pet including cleaning, polishing, checking for polyps, broken tooth extraction, dental x-rays and anesthesia. If your dog needs a root canal or your bird needs beak reconstruction, we do that too. Oral tumors are removed through our soft tissue surgery.

We check dogs and cats for signs of dental and oral disease like halitosis (bad breath), loose teeth, discolored teeth, excessive drooling not typical of your breed, abnormal dropping of food, swollen tissue, or if your pet is avoiding contact with their mouth. Our team advises on at home oral care through dental products, treats and diets. Regular brushing at home can reduce the number of visits for dental care.

Oral examinations on rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas includes particular attention to the back teeth to make sure they are wearing properly. Part of this is checking for proper alignment or malocclusion. As always, catching issues early can help avoid significant problems in the future.

Exotic pets like lizards and birds have special issues that we assess and correct as needed.

Types of Dentistry

  • digital dental radiographs
  • digital radiography
  • dental cleaning
  • dental scaling
  • malocclusions in dogs and cats and rabbits

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