24/7 Emergency Number (724) 776-7387

Good Shepherd Vet Hospital provides after-hours emergency services for all of our clients and patients. We are equipped to handle such emergencies as bite wounds, hit-by-car, toxicity/poisoning, foreign body ingestion, etc.

If your pet is having an emergency, please contact us at (724) 776-7387.

Our veterinarians are on-call for our clients 24/7 and your call will be immediately forwarded to them. We can quickly assess your situation over the phone and advise you on whether or not to bring your pet to our vet hospital immediately.

Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital has full in-house diagnostic capabilities including machines for blood and urine testing, digital x-rays, and endoscopy services. This enables us to diagnose the problem immediately and start providing appropriate care.

Rarely, we will be handling another emergency when you call. If your pet is experiencing a critical emergency and you cannot wait for our team to call you back, please contact the PVSEC Emergency department (formerly known as the Veterinary Emergency Clinic) at (412) 492-9855.

Types of Primary & Preventative Care

  • endoscopy service
  • isolation room
  • digital x-ray
  • full laboratory
  • operating room

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