Spay hamster at 30g

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Project Description

Diana brought in her female hamster, Nibbles, because there she discovered that there was blood in Nibbles’ urine. We first thought that the cause was a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) so we prescribed her antibiotics. She was brought back in because the antibiotics didn’t work.

We next took a urine sample and saw the blood but there was no infection so we took it directly from the bladder, also known as a centa-centesis,  which allowed Dr. Ibrahim to determine that the blood was not in fact coming from the bladder but most likely coming from the uterus. Because she was not in heat the most likely culprits were then inflammation, infection, or the intestines. Normally the next step would be antibiotics, but because Nibbles was already on them, we had to do an ovariohysterectomy (removal of the female reproductive organs).

Thanks to great technicians and steady hands, Nibbles has recovered greatly and Diana has found no more blood in the urine.

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