Baby Bunny with Broken Pelvis

Baby Bunny with Broken Pelvis 2016-05-22T20:59:39+00:00

Project Description

GSVH has done a number of rabbit surgeries including repairing a broken pelvis. This bunny, Thumper, was brought in by her owner, Lisa, for a leg amputation. Lisa had an x-ray done at another veterinarian where they had diagnosed cancer in the bone. GSVH took a look at the x-ray and confirmed that cancer was a possibility but that we could find out for certain during surgery. Bunnies can be born with infections that look an awful lot like cancer, so you have to be very careful when making a diagnosis.

While in surgery, we found that the bone and soft tissue were severely infected, so we decided amputation was not necessary after all. Instead, we treated the leg over the course of six months and multiple surgeries. Today Thumper is doing very well and happily has full use of both her legs.

Project Details