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Stephanie SterrittCustomer Service Specialist
Stephanie Sterritt is a Customer Service Specialist with Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital. She has been an animal lover since she was little. As soon as she turned 16 she got a part time job working at PetSmart where she worked all through high school and college. She worked in the pet care department, bathed dogs in the grooming salon and even became an accredited dog trainer. There isn’t a sick or injured small pet or bird that Dr. I won’t treat. He healed numerous broken bird legs and even neutered a guinea pig for PetSmart.

From Stephanie’s frequent visits to Dr. I with the PetSmart critters she got to know everyone at Good Shepherd and knew it would be a wonderful place to work. Because they were always so helpful and welcoming she knew they wouldn’t judge her for her love of animals that quickly turned into her own personal petting zoo at home; including but not limited to: two parakeets, a canary, three hamsters, a Jackson’s chameleon, a bearded dragon, three fish tanks and a terrier mix named Geo. Deciding to work for Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital has been one of the best and most fulfilling decisions of her life and she is excited to see what the future has in store.

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