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Olivia (Wonder Woman) GuidoCertified Veterinary Technician and Customer Service Specialist
Olivia Guido is a Certified Veterinary Technician with Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital. After graduating high school she went directly to Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. She chose Good Shepherd as her externship as the last part of her schooling and Dr. I hired her from there. She loves the diversity of patients that come through the doors on a daily basis and that was what caught her interest in the first place. She enjoys the small business atmosphere and the family feel of her fellow employees and even the clientele are always so happy and appreciative of our services. She feels that it is truly a blessing knowing that she is making a difference in every patient that walks through the door and making sure they were provided for with the best care possible when they depart.

When she is not working, she can most likely be found spending time with her two dogs, Penny and Piper. She rescued both from local beagle rescues. Piper was rescued when she was six months old, her mom was a puppy mill rescue, and she has been close to Olivia ever since. She is now seven years old and a little bit overweight. They enjoy swimming in the pool in the summer and rolling on carrots because Piper doesn’t like to eat healthy. Penny is about four years old and was just rescued in August of 2015. She was a stray so a lot of things are new to her. She is very hyper and loves attention. Olivia’s dogs are her whole world but she does enjoy reading books and relaxing with her family.

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