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Emily CottleHead Certified Veterinary Technician
Emily Cottle is the Head Technician at Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital and has been a member of the family for almost four years. She has always loved animals but didn’t know she wanted to work in veterinary medicine until she was a sophomore in college and worked at a local animal shelter. When she worked there she found that she was not only interested in animals but also their health and medicine. She then pursued an associates degree at the Vet Tech Institute and became a certified veterinary technician in 2012. She is currently finishing her bachelors degree in biology.

She currently has a three year old Great Dane named Benson and recently adopted a ten year old shepherd mix named Max from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. She has owned a wide variety of animals throughout her life and has had a fair share of foster kittens. When not working she enjoys spending time kayaking, crafting, hiking with her dogs, going to the dog park, and skiing in the winter. She loves working for Good Shepherd because of the family environment, not only between the staff but also with the clientele and their pets. Everyday she learns something new and sees something she has never seen before. As a veterinary technician she monitors anesthesia, assists in surgery, performs venipuncture, places intravenous and urinary catheters, performs lab work, takes radiographs, oversees the care of hospitalized patients, and more. She is proud to be a part of Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital and is thankful for the knowledge she has gained and relationships she has formed.

Emily Cottle Head Certified Veterinary Technician